Web Development

Enhance your online image with a fresh new custom designed website!

Web Development

In today's world of technology, your website is one of the most important parts of your business. It's the first place people will go to learn about your company. Is your site leaving visitors with a positive first impression? Is it accomplishing everything it needs to?

ElliottBrand has been developing websites for around 19 years. Well known NASCAR drivers and large businesses have put their trust in me to build a site that accomplishes their goals. This may be a typical website or a complex application that handles an array of business logic and functions. I offer Asp.Net/C# Web Development and WordPress Development.


It's difficult to give a cost without knowing your needs. My current hourly rate is $100 per hour, times the amount of time estimated for your project. Other costs include domain registration and website hosting. If your site is a WordPress site, there would also be an option to pay for a maintenance plan that involves updating plugins/software on a cycle.


If you're a racer who's considering a new website, be sure to first check out my Racer Template package at https://racertemplate.com. This package offers everything a racer needs in a website at a low monthly cost.